Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I want a blueberry Muffin :( .. Get me one Please ..

Things I did Today.

Am I getting old at the age of 23 or is it 25 .. Who cares.

I was browsing through my old computer data which I had backed up on various Cds, I found my very first website which had won a price in the DWAN's Azadi competition in 1999. And guess what !! It's Still there at geocities .. .

Also I found a few of the poems I had written in school, yeah I Will post them soon.. I also found some email address which I don’t know who they belong to :(, I found 3 year's old PowerPoint presentations made for a project InfoTrain, some Flash source files and ton's of garbage …

I took apart the searing of my car. Washed every bit of it and again assembled it, it's working better:) tomorrow I will open it further to clean the indicator switch and the rest of the controls..

Ohh my!! I am really tired, I cant think straight and I can't type correctly, I wanna go to bed. ZZZZzzzzzzzz……...

Monday, August 28, 2006

The Mystery I Solved

Originally uploaded by Jamash.
I bought this old corsair aircraft from the flee market. Yeah, of course it's a small DINKY model and as it was bought from the flee market it was not whole, It looked like it had an accident but the pilot was all right so I ripped open the plastic cockpit to pullout the pilot, but he was too stubborn to even move. After thinking a while I used my teeth to grip his head and tried to pull him off his seat, I was concerned I might decapitate him but thankfully after trying for a while I managed to pull him out of his seat all in one peace. When my teeth released him in my palm I realized that I had chewed off one of his ear and his rubber head was a little bit longer then before also much to my surprise he had NO LEGS !!. When I further disassembled the plane I also found out that there were peddles and a lever present in the cockpit right in front of the pilot but the Rubber dummy was so dumb that he kept his hands folded.

With all this evidence in place I am sure it was the dumb pilot who turned this plane to a wreak.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Boredom !

Ooh great ! I was typing this blog in the address bar of my internet explorer ..

So it's been a while since I have written any thing here, the reason was the red nose that I had for the past few days. They say it was a cold but I believe that someone had changed my nose with a red one .. But I have my nose back know, yeah the original one .. At least it looks like the same on I had since I was born .. *Looks at my nose in the mirror* Yeah ! The genuine One ..

It's about 1:35 Am I am hungry so I am munching on the Squire Bits of wafer. I am feeling really sleepy because of the Button I swallowed as per my cousin's instructions .. He is a doctor and he always give me tiny little buttons to swallow and in return I not only fix his daughter's Computer but I also give her Cds which she feeds her computer.. .. That's called tit for tat … you make me swallow buttons n I will make your computer swallow Cdz ..

I have completely lost it .. I feel like typing A-Z while singing all the alphabets out loud "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz" but it's 1:44 now and my mom will Literally kill me, and if she wont my neighbors, sure will…

So another day ends, Tomorrow I will wakeup, will take a cold shower, will upload something new and will take a few snaps will even sketch a few silly figures will get my car fixed and in the end will again be sitting on this very computer checking my mails or maybe writhing something a bit more interesting ..

*Yawn* ( I am actually yawning)

Roses are edible, will try em tomorrow .

Friday, August 18, 2006


I was in class 5 then, she was leaving the school and the city for ever, It was her last day in the city and at school. We were all in the playground and she said good bye to all her classmate. Last in the line she held my hand and took me to the classroom, with tears in her eyes she gave me a peck on the cheek. Before I could absorb the moment, She left. I never saw her again.

I can't figure it out.

No! I am not insane,…. but talking to an imaginary sibling is not very sane, or Is it?....


They stab through my heart, all of them, when I least expected, they are not the friends I want.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Red !!

Used hand wash as face wash and had an allergic reaction.
Now I am all Red :( ..

What The $#&@ !!!

Comment posted for my Picture of Mint Leaves titled Crisp, Fresh and Wet. :
"sounds more like newly wed wife..... Crisp, fresh and wet."

*Blink* *Blink*

I wish You were a post My cat could scratch on, or Better make it, Your Tush, My cat Could Scratch on …
…. Errrrgh!!!

* Now I feel better * :)

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Insane world !

Fruit Seller asked me to give him a chance on TV

Vegetable seller asked me to teach him to run computers

Principle of a college (and also a Government Servant) asked me to write an application for him.
The same Principle ended his another application to a company writing: "Yours Brotherly Mr.XYZ"* Yours Brotherly !.. God Damn It..* 'n' he gets a Brand new GreenNumberPlate Car for that ! …….

A KDA Employee with a Masters in Commerce requested me to teach him, to search on Google.

Our Gardner asked me to get him a VISA for USA.

My friends mom Asked when I told her the hard disk of the Computer used by her three 12, 13 and 18 year olds broke down: "who’s fault is it ? "

My Friend's mom Enquiring about the girl my mom was sending Zakat to Via My friends mom to Lahore:

Friend's Mom: "What is your relationship with her "
Mom : " I known her for 10 years "
Friend's Mom: " but she must be related to you in some way "
Mom: "No, I just know her "
Friend's Mom: " so you have a humanitarian relation ship "

Someone: "What Fine Arts has to do with web designing business, It's a complete waste of time, you should concentrate on your business only, don’t get your self divided."
Me Thinkin: *Look at your own son, he has taken up Stalking&DateingGirls as an Extra co Curricular Activity*

She Referred mom a Homeopathic doctor, Dr. Abc, after a visit to this Dr. Abc my mom told her that this doc is a quack and he does not even listens to his patients and he just looks at them and give them some sweet tablets. Here is what how she defended the bloody Quack:
" No, actually he is a very caring person so one day he begged God to bless him so that he could easily cure people, the next morning he found out that there was a Camera Fixed to his eye through which he could see inside his patents, and could tell what's wrong with them." * A Camera with X-Ray vision ! …., who ever told her this story must have read a lot of comics … *

Mom: I have a fever
She: how did you get a fever ?
Mom: I had a cold.
She: how did you get a cold?
Mom: I ate ice cream.
She: why did you ate Ice cream.
Mom: because I wanted to.

She had talked about N several times, I had also told mom a lot about N, also mom had a phone conversation with N too .. so when mom met N for the first time mom said
"Aap say Ghaibana Mulaqaat tow hoo chuke thee, aaj aap say mill ker bohat khushee huee"
Several days later N said to mom on the phone " Aap say woh ghaibana tow hua tha, aaj aap nay phone kiya to bohat acha laga "

On another occasion
She: "Computers are useless ."

Someone: "Blogging is a waste of time, Chatting is better."

My X-business partner: "Paintings are about Nudity, there is nothing more in them. "


My friends mom and She = H's Mom
Someone and my friend's father = H's Father
N = My friend's auntie
My Friend H = now My X- FRIEND

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Rain's Got Me !

Rains have turned the whole city in a mess, I cant go any where, don’t have any thing to do, the phone line has disturbance and connecting to Internet is really hard, I checked my Gmail via my telenor GPRS..

Sometimes I envy the babies who can cry all they want and make there heart light..

Am I heartbroken, sad, angry or depressed, or is it just rain? what ever, I hate it.

I am hungry, I don’t wanna have cake, it's 2:15 am so I surely don’t want coffee. Ill just have a milk of glass, yeah " A Milk of Glass " that's how twisted my life is.

I have nothing to write, I need a punching bag which I can hit with an alloy baseball bat, or if I could just get a bat which I could let into my neighbors house while they are asleep and later watch them chase the bat with a bat….... Ooh God I have lost it.

"Jfkjhdskjfhk fhlkjdshfjhf" well this makes more sense to me then any of the above.

Ooh! what a waste of time.