Saturday, July 22, 2006

More Randomness, Craziness n laziness !

All right, That's it, enough dealing with people who can twist anything you say and hold it against you.

I couldn't sleep the whole night yesterday, My cat kept jumping over the tables, threatening to break the vases on the table 'n' making me pounce each time something fell off the table. Thanks to the empty bottles placed strategically around all the fragile, there was no real loss. Today I will make him chase the ball so that he sleeps well all night.

I was on my bicycle and this man was standing right in the middle of a main (Two way) road tying his shoes, so to avoid being hit by the on coming traffic I decided to use the road behind him. As I approached him and at the exact moment when I was about to pass from beside him, he stood up. I quickly turned away from him but he was so determined to be hit by me that he even took a backward step towards me, still I managed miss him barely touching the fruit he was holding in a plastic bag. Yeah ! he still shouted on me and called me names :(.

I have designed and uploaded today all within 4 hours, and I don’t like FAAA as the name of a future art college so I need a new name to suggest, n a good one.

*Phew* I still have so much to do, My room is a mess again, with Cdz, batteries, fries, pens, wrench, screw drivers, a can of WD40, riveter, news paper, tictacs and God knows what else on my bed alone. Now you must be wondering where I sleep, so there is an other bed in my studio which I am using at night to sleep on.

Yeah, laziness and randomness continues, its all an after effect of exams or maybe a part of my life. What ever, I like it.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Boring me wid oll da randomness

Ok My blog, I made you wait so much, I am Sorry but I am back!! Did ya miss me.

I am a blogger not a writer.

Exams have been long over, but they are still in my system, they have eaten up my creativity and have turned me into a lazy block head.

Today I have revealed a secrets on KMB, and if my ( Extended ) family members have read that they might be on their way with guns and roses, guns to kill me and roses for the later, but I really don’t care…. Ooh if I have managed to Confuse you, read my Comments at KMB on my own post

KMB has been a good experience, I enjoy it when there is a difference of opinion it helps me learn more.

Umer Shreef is so cheesy that he can make a perfect mouse trap :), I can't say the same about Blackfish.. Yeah I may be wrong again ;)….. Aah I have to go fetch the Tickets tomorrow, I can't miss their performance for anything, I hope I don't.

Life really gets boring when you literally run out of friends or your friends run out on you, in my case the second one fits better, One of my friends is busy dominating the world :P, another one left his notsoperfect job to start photography (which he is really good at) , one has left for Lahore, one is in Dubai, One is going to London and the rest don’t read this blog of mine so I will not write about them.. It not good to talk behind people's back.

A "car wala babu" almost Squashed my leetle FX today with his new shining Civic, he was driving in the middle of a narrow two way road, heading towards me with a full beam, I had to run on the dirt road to save him, and he even called me names :( .. Maybe I should have let him scratch his Itch on my FX , I am sure he would not have been able to catch me because he did not had much space to turn back and run after me .. :P. But then again I am more human then he was..

I love all the randomness, and I have not much too say, so I guess it is pointless to bore you to death … so I'll write when something will come up.

* Yawn *