Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Questions, Unanswered questions lots of them are floating in the huge space of my mind asking why friends have been stabbing me, Why relations don’t work for me? Why people wear beautiful masks ? Who killed me ? Who stabbed me so hard ? What am I ? Why do I fear? Why I care so much ? Why I feel their pain ? Why don’t they care ? Why tears are so heavy ? Why everything is blue ?

These Questions and many more of them are haunting me since ever, they are ringing in my mind, Floating there and crashing to the walls of my brain trying to make there way into the outside world.

Who will answer them ? And when ?

Monday, May 29, 2006

blogspot Unbanned Again

Blogs are unbanned again :) I am happy, I have edited some 15 links to different blogs in my favorites today and this is the third time I did so. I hope I don’t get to do it again

Friday, May 26, 2006

Cheep Commercialism .

The HUM TV Press add (visit my previous Blog) reminded me of an exhibition I visited about a year back. At that time Hum TV was newly launched and they had secured a stall at this exhibition, so I paid them a visit, their stall showed no information about the programs they aired, there were two ladies standing behind an almost empty counter with some distance from each other, in fount of them were small piles of key chains , pens and a couple of Mugs all with printed logos of Hum TV, As I picked up a keychain and a pen one of the lady at the counter near the pile quickly spoke: "The key chain's for Rs.25 and the Pen is for Rs.15 "
Me: "What ? You are selling Promotional Items !?"
Lady at the counter: " yes ! "Me: " And how much for the Mug ? "
Lady at the Counter: " Rs. 200 "
*As I started walking away from the Stall empty handed *
Lady at the counter " Won't you buy anything ?"
Me: " I am not paying for your Advertisement "

* Sigh *

Media Educates a Society, It has a responsibility to teach people Civic sense, But for that Media it's self has to be educated. And Art can't exist without knowledge, but there is no art it is all cheep commercialism.

Press Adds

Press Adds
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Super : Does this add say anything about the taste/quality of the Biscuit, It is plainly a reminder of the TVC.

Hum Tv: Matchis add just shows the host (ZQ) and" Apnay Andaz Say" just shows the host, The drama adds also don’t tell anything about the nature of drama just the Cast and the writer. .. Do they really expect to increase viewer ship Through that ?

Pakola: Apple Sidra can just be another Apple Juice, again the Add fails to say much about the Drink. The Dil Bola Pakola add is simple but still need some explanation, the " Hara Hara pakola Ice-cream soda " version was far better.

Djuice : the whole campaign is good, Thumbs are involved in SMS eyes are involved in MMS But among all those eyes what's that Cat eye doing ? ( See Bottom left )

Borjan: And finally the Dumbest of all takes the cake ( Or a shoe in this case ).. They are selling footwear but is the image or the tagline In any way connected ?

Read a related article By Muzaffar Manghi (JWT. Lahore) In May - June 2006 Issue of aURORA ( Pg 30 )

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Albert Einstein - "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."

Thursday, May 04, 2006


"Kab tehyray ga dard aay dill, Kab raat basar hoo gee" By Farida Khanum had been playing on the loop over my mp3, while I rode my bicycle aimlessly for hours today.

I don’t want friends who want me to do their homework or need me to do the task they can't do their selves, I don’t want to answer any phone calls.

When ever the door bell rings I say to my self

"Phir koi aaya dil-e-Zaar! naheen koi naheen ,
Rah_roo ho ga, kaheen aur chala jaeey ga ,
Dhaal chuki raat, Bikharnay_laga taroon ka ghubaar,
Lar-Kharaney lagay aywanoonn may Khoabeda Chiraagh,
Soo gai rasta tak tak keh her-aik rah guzaar,
Ajnabee Khaak nay Dhundla_deyah Qadmoon kay Suragh,
Gull karoo Shmain, bard_hadoo maai-o-meena-o-ayaagh,
Apnay bay Khwaab Kiwardoon ko Muqafaal kar loo,
Aab yahan koi naheen, Koi naheen aaye ga."

I don’t want too see anyone I know, I don’t want to do anything, I don’t want to go any where, I want to sit in a complete solitude, so I can talk to my self.

I badly need a long solitary walk on the beach.