Sunday, December 24, 2006

Not Moving but...

I have cold again, it's making me crave for chocolate fudge cake. Thanks to the cold my post count at KMB has dropped :(. I hate cold…

Pkblogs has gone crazy, it's annoying me. I cant post any comments on my blog, I can only read them because I get them on mail..

I am using Olympus FE-100 which is a 4.0 megapixel AF camera, all my photos on are taken from the same camera.

I am not moving to but I am planning to use it for some time.

Friday, December 22, 2006

I feel like crap.

All this nothingness is killing me, I am bored to death, I need to get out of this shell, I need to explore my self. And no I did not call Sabahat, to get me fixed with a director, and I never will.…. and yes I want to make a documentary but I need something more then a handy cam and I need a good sound recording system not the one which comes built in with the little handy cam… and I desperately need a DSLR and no I am not going to do back breaking web designing work just to sell a web site for 500 only…..

Ooh God I am so twisted ……, I need to get out, I need to do something, sitting at home all day and being able to do nothing is killing me bit by bit, like I am being slow poisoned, the shyness and loneliness in mounting, the drugs which were supposed to make my cold go away are making me miserable, my head is aching like hell and I need to get my self up and started…. Damn My life is Crap..

Somebody please push me off a cliff or drop me down from a multi story building, or can anyone just jump start me ? ……. Ooh !!! I sound so pathetic … :( *sob*.

Friday, December 08, 2006

A Dozen Useless Things I bought Today.

I bought a dozen of useless things today. Here's the list,

1. A baby rattle for which I don’t know where to find a baby,

2. A USB vacuum cleaner, which just makes a lot of noise and works not a bit

3. A Pack of incense sticks which are making my allergy even worst,

4. A set of bowl mugs which can hold around 800 ml of coffee for me,

5. Four packs of post it notes while I already have 4 new packs,

6. A pack of pencils and I already have new pack

7. Telephone index and yes I already have a large one, a pocket size and an extra digital.

8. A pack of ribbon, this one was actually to play with my cat but the ribbon is giving off paint so I don’t know what to do with it

9. Two 2007 calendars, yeah it not new year yet and I will surely get least about five complimentary calendar before the new year will even start, but yet I had to buy them.

10. A big red wrench and I already have two in my tool box.

11. A strobe light for my car but I hate it and will never really use it (They look so cheep :( ).

12. A litter of ice cream, I wont but my uncle will sure eat this one :)

Yeah I am not yet off the drugs, The antihistamine makes me dizzy, it makes my life miserable, I cant even think straight…. I hope this explains the crazy shopping list above.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Damn cold ! .

I have cold, a horrible cold, my nose is bright red and my eyes are red too! I cant type or think.. *Snif* *Aaachoooo*!#@#@$#^%

I want Crab corn soup, Lots of crab corn soup, lots n lots n LOTSA SOUP ..
*Snif* *Snif* *AAaaaCHoooo*

Ooh I hate Cold..

Monday, December 04, 2006

Rain Karachi Rain !

It rained pretty well in Karachi, I enjoyed it and the weather is also cold now :), yeah I hated the power breakdowns but they were not all that bad as it was raining !! :)

I was listening to FM103, I almost never listen to this radio channel but there was no power and my other was not doing very good with batteries FM 89 was not available to me and 91 had Captain Safeguard on it so I switched to anything with clear reception.

After a song or two a caller called in this radio channel and said "our nazims have been saying that everything is in control, ask them to step out of their house, Our houses are flooded with rain water, there is no electricity and the roads are looking like rivers, tell these nazims to stop fooling us"

Then after a while when the electricity was resumed, a caller on a local channel reported that the roof of nazimabad Underpass has collapsed I am not sure if that is true but yes the rains have proven that we do need a water sewage system and we need to learn to make stronger roads..

And I have taken a few snaps of the road near my house, I have sent some to a news paper and will check if they get printed tomorrow if not will upload them too with the rest I will upload on Flickr :)

When ever I say the word Flickr It brings a smile on my face :) ..

Yesterday was a new day.

Yesterday, I almost died, I thought I lost my camera for ever, yeah I am broke and don't have much money and at a time like this when you come to know that the only tool that makes you feel alive has been stolen is really like a stab right through your heart, But yesterday was the most wonderful day of my life because not only that I got my camera back but I also know that my friends are there for me :) … yeah a friend gave me a flickr Pro account :) .. And I am really happy ..

Ooh.. I did not tell ya how I lost and found my camera… well it was with me in a small handbag and I was in a party, it was more like a small gettogather and I left my hand bag on a couch, where a lady who is known for steeling things and is a distant relative of ours (well she is not actually related ) was sitting any how she had almost slipped in in her purse when someone noticed and rescued it.. I was home by that time and was really depressed and sad :( .. Which is when I went online and started talking to "I" and "S" , "I" gave me a lot of courage, even made me laugh , I felt really good while on another messenger window "S" also helped me out and made me realize that material items don’t really matter and then "S" did what I never thought any one would do for me :) .. Yeah She gave me a Flickr Pro .. And after that I forgot all the pain and I was happy that I have such good friends... this is when the power went out, as it was also raining and some time later I came to know that my camera (and my Mp3 player , yeah that was also in the same bag) is safe :) ..

The whole episode was a lesson, I have to be a bit more materialistic or I will continue providing almost free services to my clients, I also learned that I should make money where I can, and I also realized that unlike old days I now have friends who really care for me :) and I also learn that materialistic items don’t have much powers to make me happy but friends who really care for do :) ..

Thank you "S" :) for the most wonderful gift ever and thank you "I" for all the moral support