Saturday, October 28, 2006

More of Me and My Life

The most discomfort I feel is at times when girls hit on me. Finding me when I am alone and trying to start conversation with senseless questions like what happened to the painting you were completing ? " hey what painting was I completing !? " then instead of saying some thing asking another question, Have you finished working on your library ?? …. "I was never working on my library, the last time you visited it was as complete as it is today…" *Sigh*

I am also reading two books at a time and it is really confusing for me, I am switching between "In the line of fire" and "Honor Killing" Two different topics and also reading herald and Aurora .. Yeah no one can beat that ..

Last night my cat started playing at 3:00 am.. He went up to the cupboard and pounced on me while I was sleeping. Yeah I had no other choice but to throw him a few balls and fight with him till he went up on the fridge to sleep.. Well he slept but I stayed up till another hour and got back to sleep around 5 ..

People are visiting and if they are not we are visiting them, life will be back to normal in a few more days. I Hope.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Me, Sleepy Me *yawn*

Ramdan had been really tough on me, I was hardly having any sleep, I went hardly anywhere, I did nothing just slept and did a few things which I could not avoid. I have stacks of photographs on my computer which I had taken throughout Ramadan, I am processing them and uploading them one by one. I spent not a single dime on Eid shopping, I bought nothing but just a few books. Yeah I went to Tariq Road not to shop but to take some shots of the market but I was so tired and mom at home had some fever so had to rush back home within an hour.

Eid is over, yesterday me and mom had visited my Khala, and today they all visited us, all my cousins one by one, it was a good, I snapped a lot of pictures, mainly of children, will upload them soon for friends :).

Right now, I am really tired, I think I have cold, I had sent a mail to Mr. Anand Patwardhan, I wanted to write so much but I am so tired that I cant even type well. I will hopefully be back to my usual routine soon.

S called today wanted me to come to come to Aag on Monday but I refused. The first thing I want to do Is to visit Mohata Palace, I am planning this trip for Monday, I hope nothing comes up to ruin my plans… While S and I were talking H came to visit me and he realized that I knew people at Aag and since then he is begging me to get him an internship there. I know he only wants to make quick money and thinks being a director or a script writer is really an easy job. Also he is interested in hitting on girls, I know H he is a big flirt. I cant get him any where on my recommendation but he wont understand he has already called me 3 times in six hours. Dear H you stabbed me so hard that I am still bleeding and you want me to recommend you so ruin my reputation and flirt with girls….. Forget it. But on a second thought , I think I should get him an internship some place where girls can castrate him, really a person who says his Khalla is hot and turn's him on deserve worst then that. I hope you are reading this H.

My cat broke one of mom's vase last night, She was sleeping on her bed in the drawing room ( Please don’t expect me to explain the bed in the drawing room ) when at around 3:00 am, I heard a crash sound, Followed by my mom's voice crying ' Ooh you darn cat, You Broke my vase, I was so beautiful and it's not in the market now" .. I ran to the drawing room and saw my mom sitting up on the bed with both her hands on her head….. The cat was under the sofa by then. About 5 minutes later I was done cleaning the glass, and mom was hugging the cat, telling him not to be scared and she will get a better vase to replace the broken one … :)

If I don’t sleep now, I will probably dose off right now with my head on the key board. I am sleepy, I have cold, and a headach.. Will hopefully post something more sensible when I will get back to my senses…

Friday, October 06, 2006

Talking to my self.

I am a bad man, I don’t want to hurt people but at times when I say short sentences people translate them in negative. I don’t know why I do this. I guess things left unexplained are often taken as a sarcastic remark. I don’t why they think this way or why I do that, Is it my fault of theirs… I guess it's what keep's me kicked out of the social circles .. But why do people find the absolute negative from a simple question or comment or thought… I am not meant for this world all right… Can I live my life with a paper bag on my head… I am an emotional fool, they know it they use me and dump me away… Ooh the whole society this is Crap and they think I am crap…. Funny they see me as crap while I see them as crap, it's all crappy.. I am numb, my brain aches… why does it bother them when I carry an old mobile phone…. Why does it bother them when I talk about social problems they want to keep denying… why the hell they think I will take over their business… why the hell they think I will spoil their children by getting them a pizza while they get the same every other day, why do they have to be kept away from me… when I said Bhabi (My cousin's wife) should learn driving why was I given that weird look and why the hell is she now learning to drive… what's the point in hiding your E-mail Id from me… why I am not replied back when ever I send greetings… did I wrote anything absurd ?.. Do I look really Really Ugly. Or am I really filthy… why don’t they give me a chance to take a snap of their 3 year old… and why do they think I am a fool to keep up my promises… why I go after strangers thinking they are my real siblings… any I get stabbed in the back every time… Why she thinks I am in love with her while i just need to be friends… Why giving her a ring at the are of 4 meant I was thinking of marring her (I was just 4, you bloody narrow Minded "People")… Why ladies think I am trying to impress them when I talk about women's right… why do they think I am laying when I say No I don’t have a Girlfriend and I don’t even want one… I am the only fool in this world who thinks this way or has the rest of the world lost it..

What the hell… I am not wasting my time for a bunch of fools…. If I am bad or ugly or vicious let me be, I know what I am and I damn care about others… Got to sleep have a Post for KMB cooking in my leetle Brain, Will serve it tomorrow will all the garnishing ;).. And ooh I really wanted to go to this art gallery today but I couldn’t think of driving just before Aftaar so I Sadly skipped an Aftaar invitation :( if you are reading this I regret being absent today and I really miss your beautiful cat, will surely visit in a day of two.

*Yawn* yeah I am literally ending almost all of my posts Yawning these days :P ..

My work at is almost done .. I don’t think it's too bad for an 8 hours (2 days) work output.. I sure need working on my drawing skills.. "Take out some time you freak!!!", "I will I WILL! Just Give me some TIME…..

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Just a freak show 'n' nothing more.

At last my routine is getting better, I am working at day time like normal people and not staying up all night long like vampires.

Wearing a Rs.5000 designer Kurta doesn't make people more respectful, but they never seem to learn. When they exit their Mercedes they expect everyone to respect them for that. Their version of success for us is to change to a better residency so their car could be parked with more convenience…. If you come here looking for a parking place please go else where, we are humans not a parking allay.

Hmm that reminded me of another one of the absurdities by the Backstabber friend of mine Mr.H . His uncle and Auntie live in the same house in the above portion, H (he was 17 at that time) walked on them without even knocking while they were having a privet moment, they were kissing and watching him in the room they quickly moved apart. His Uncle totally embarrassed received the envelope he had brought along with him and asked him to knock next time he plans to pay him a visit. The next day H tried to make the same kind of entry but only this time he found the door locked. The worst part is H narrated the whole event to me with great pride to make me feel better after he knew I had discovered about his back stabbings and I have no idea how he expected that to work. One can expect anything from a person who finds his own Khala (Auntie) sexually attractive *YUkhhh*. Yeah there is no end to human stupidity and absurdity and Thank God I got rid of him..

Today a lady at her home got killed for just Rs.100,000. Is Life's worth this amount of money or any amount of money, do we really care for the damn painted paper so much that we would kill a human, a mother, a wife just so we can have a few thousand. Sad, every year to celebrate Eid people go inhuman, do demons really celebrate something like Eid.

Yeah the world is a freak show, they say I am a show off because I drink coffee. I am proud that is why I don’t talk much, I am snobbish for I don’t eat Bun kabab and I am a spoilt brat that’s why I have a huge collection of Books.…
*blink* *blink* I don’t want to waste my energy on killing you so please walk back to the hell where you came from, Thank You!! And please try not coming back.

I Got the payment for the website I designed.. I am rich! I am Rich, Rich RICH rich all Rich.. I will get Da Mushi book for me now to make ma leettle Library BIGG…. But actually I have already paid for it and waiting for it to arrive at the book stall near my place. It saves me from driving all the way to Clifton.

*Yawn* Gota have a nap will get up in an hour :).