Sunday, January 29, 2006

I am against Patriarchy and more !

My auntie who lost her daughter about a month back bursted into tears when she entered our house. The last she had come with My cousin when she was alive and both the daughter and mother had a great time, But now My Auntie (Khala) is looking so lonely. And also a bit too contented with her life so contended that it feels that she is tired of her life. Her elder daughter had asked my auntie to stay with her but Khala thinks that it will look odd to live in her daughters' house also she is afraid that My cousins Husband and his family might not like it. But what about humanity, I think " To hell with the world Your daughter and her husband are willing to keep you at there place for a few months so why not, at least you will have the company of your daughter and your grand Children" But I am told I don’t know how things work I really I don’t know how things work and I don’t care a damn how things work all I care is what should be and should not be, there are things which are so wrong and we follow that wrong just for the sake of the people.

I hate people, I hate all those norms and I hate all those customs which make me feel bad and guilty, which make me do wrong which prevent me from doing right.

With Sorrow I have not expressed to any one and an urge to rip apart this cruel system I condemn and appose those who are the followers of the followings Norms

· Only a man and his family members can approach a girls' s family for marriage.
· The man to be married is granted his wish of the amount of money or Business or what ever he wishes for.
· If a girl's family approaches an boy's family it is thought that The Girl must have some fault in her " Larki main Koiee Aab hoo ga "
· Smoking is Taboo for females
· Virginity is only must for females
· If she talks a lot she has no shame
· If she is too sweet spoken she is sweet knife ( Meethee Churee )
· After marriage her parents have no or very little right on her.
· After marriage the daughter of the house is given off to her groom and she is told that "now your dead body will leave your husband's house".
· she is doomed to work as a slave in her husband's house and cant turn professional until her husband is as dead as a door nail.
· Lady is a sandal of foot if she does not fit change it ( Eeerr !! Aren’t you calling your mom a sandal? )
· Lady is an indoor Plant . ( I heard that one On GEO a few days back )
· If a lady is raped it's her fault. If a girl child is raped it's still her fault
· If a female is raped her honor is lost. ( hay how about the criminals Honor ? )

I guess the list is way too bog to finish in one go .. And it is extremely sad that all these elements are a part of our society.

P.S: Ooh God! I feel so good letting all my rage flow through Words!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Thank you China !

I bought a FM radio from a Friday Market, I spent 75 Rupies on this tiny Made in China Radio but much to my surprise it is working better then My Branded MP3 player's Radio. Also it has been almost a weak since I have bought that thing and in just 7 days I am really hooked to FM89 , or am I badly addicted to it ? .. What ever, The radio is working Fine and I am getting good music and gossip 24/7 every where, any where without any distortion !!

Thank you China !

Plastic Hearts

Plastic Hearts-II
Originally uploaded by Jamash.
Everything is turning plastic, and so are hearts.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

His Water Broke !?

I have an small office in my house, I use it to deal with my very limited clients. Today a neighbor of mine came to me. He had to make an urgent phone call as he was due to leave for USA tonight on a visa sent to him by his brother and had to inform the news to one of his relative in some other city. so I seated him in that office and served him a glass of water. Then I left to get coffee for both of us while he started dialing, as soon as I exited my office and reached the other door to my Living room just a few steps away, I heard a crashing sound form the office. I Abruptly Asked "Everything ok ? " The reply from him was the least I had expected he shouted back " Yes! My water Broke !" .. I could hardly stop my self from laughing so I ran as far away from him as I could and literally exploded by the time I was in the Kitchen. The Grin on my face lasted the whole time I had coffee with him keeping him .

Ohh God ! I so wanted to rush him to a maternity home.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Another wonderful Book Launched

Congratulations to Ameena Saiyid on launching yet another wonderful book from the platform of Oxford University Press Pakistan. Haji Sir Abdullah Haroon has played a great role in the history of Pakistan His Biography not only highlights his contribution to Pakistan (and Sindh) but also sets an example for all of us to. "Sir Haji Abdullah Haroon ( the Biography) " is an important part of our history and through this book we will never forget him and his work for our country.

Pakistan is fortunate to have people like Ameena Saiyid who are working not only to promote a positive view of Pakistan but also to prevent and promote it's Cultural values and heritage through books which are being read world wide. Ameena Saiyid from the platform of OUP has launched several wonderful books like Laila Shezada, We have learned nothing from history, Work of Faiz Ahmed Faiz, The Art Of Mussulmans in Spain (by Shahid Suhrawardy),beloved city (Writings on Lahore Edited By Bapsi Sidhwa) and so many more. I am sure our next generation will be even more grateful for the great work she is doing for Pakistan.

Thank You !

Thursday, January 19, 2006

T.V s gone blank !

Cables have gone blank- Let them be this way ..Pemra should Issue a Notification that if they the cable operators don't start Cable services in 12 hours their licenses will be canceled .. If they don’t start Cable network in 12 hours with out that Damn Star Plus Pemra should Cancel their Licenses. We Don’t want Indian Glamour Culture to over ride Our own cultural values! Do we ?

Saturday, January 07, 2006

I need a good night sleep! Please.

You know ? I have a cat, His name is Chaan Maan. He is very playful and cute but sometimes I hate him, Specially when at 3 am He Jumps over me waking me up and if I am too sleepy to respond to that he goes straight to the top of the couch and tries to knock down my paintings and even if that doesn't, work he goes straight to the lounge, Climbs up the TV then further up at the tube light from where he travels to the wall mounted Rack and enters the Top shelf from where he kick's down our decoration peaces sending them crashing down to the ground waking not only us but also our neighbors. Last night This is exactly what happened and I had to take him out to the garden to give him a few good runs. Imagine me running after a cat at 3: am in the cold. After running for a while he came back in Cleaned up his dish filled with tuna and went to sleep, It was easy for him to sleep back but I stayed up till after breakfast and went to sleep again at 8:00 waking up 2 hours later because I had to attend a meeting .. :( ..

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

About My cousin

I try not to post any sad news on the Blogs, some time back I had requested all the Bloggers and the flikerers to pray for my cousin. My cousin who was about 22 ( 25 to be exact ) was the youngest among all her siblings and the most loved child of her parents. She had a fever and after about 7 days of fever she was admitted to Aghakhan Hospital where she remained in ICU for 19 days. On the 20th of December, 2005 she Died peacefully leaving us all sad and shocked behind her. The caused of her death was Dengue haemorrhagic fever.

May Allah bless her soul.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Guys are crazy !

Yeah! For sure my life is getting crazier every day. Today some one added me to yahoo Friend list, after a short hi he asked for my ASL then later he Asked where I lived and what I did and then after about a 10 Mins of conversation he asked me my address … Me on the other hand after freaking out at his last Question deleted him and blocked him and went to my yahoo profile to check what in the world attracted him to add me as a friend .. After going through my profile several times I realized that I had left the gender undefined..

I am a Guy my self but DAMN! Guys are crazy !!