Saturday, December 31, 2005

From Crazy to Crazier

I guess the crazy things in my life are getting more crazier every day… Today morning, In the kitchen, I put the kettle on fire with 4 Cups of water to cover the daily dose of my coffee and went out to get the newspaper, by the time I was back the water had started Boiling so I took my sweet time adding coffee to it as I watched it boil slowly. Then as soon as I added Sugar to it, the boiling coffee suddenly and vigorously Boiled out of the cattle Extinguishing the Fire under it, As if the coffee was trying to say "enough with the Boiling, would you mind pouring me in a cup and start drinking? " … See! now even the coffee is getting pissed off at me .. :(

Friday, December 30, 2005

Crazy Goodh Bharaee

Crazy things have started happening in my life. A few days back when I was in a rush, exiting the Grocery store, my hands full with a heavy load of 5 Kgs of Bajra and a few big bottles Of Coke. My one foot quickly following the other accidentally hit a pebble setting it off flying in the lap of a man who was sitting on his bike Chewing Pan. Seeing the pebble landing in his lap I Instantly got my self ready for a aggressive feed back for the token of charm I had sent flying to his lap.
He looked at me spitted the Red Pan on the Ground and I Instantly making an Innocent face said " Sorry ! " he smiled and said "it's ok ". "Thank God" I said to my self and rushed to my car with even more speed and took off as quickly as I could …
I later realized that the whole thing was not all that bad as a matter of fact It was just another version of " Goodh Bharaee" .. Right ?