Friday, June 30, 2006

Half-baked Me :(

The textbooks , Notes, my Exam schedule, coffee, lots and lots of coffee, some radio, bit of internet, walls, my cat, my mobile phone which almost never rings and nothing to blog about.

Yeah I know this is the most boring blog of the world !!! ...... I am boring :( !

My cat wanna play with me 'n' I NEED Coffee and I get a glass of milkshake to drink :( !

Someone Please Plug Me In, I need to be recharged !!

* Yawn * I know I don’t make any sense ! have to get some sleep !

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Beware !

Beware ! When you will be left with the last few breaths of your life, your guilt will haunt you.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Controversial but true.

Note: This was supposed to be a comment for someone's Blog.

People avoid Coeducation. Why? They think their kids will get spoiled .. The fact is in Coeducation boys and girls are trained to handle and respect each other but do we see that ? NO.

Is is Taboo to talk about love, rape, Sexual crimes, and about the Opposite sex in most of our families and if kids do talk, parents not only scold them but they forbid them to talk about such things at all saying " Bacha Bighaar raha hai " Does it help ? NO

Movies, dramas Show Glamour, the joys of love. To a person who is not even allowed to talk about the opposite sex openly in his house can he actually know what love is ? ,, He will think it's only about fooling about with each other?

Boys and girls are not allowed to see their friends belonging to opposite sex ? Do they Stop ? No! They feel more thrill in it and they don’t give their parents a chance to guide them what is wrong or right, and even if they will what will be the result .. We all know the answer for that ..

If a sexual crime is commuted with a girl we all say " Larki Kharaab hoo gaee " , It's all her fault and Now get her married as soon as possible ?. And we have good reasons not to file legal charges against the criminal. Sadly even I will not recommend it.

If a child sexual abuse takes place the blame goes to the kid, he/she is beaten up and is made to feel ashamed about it.

Today boys are physically and mentally abusing their girlfriends because they know their Girlfriend will not say a word to anyone, she will be too ashamed to tell her story.
That is why they are taking advantage of girls, teasing them, Haunting them, stalking them and abusing them.

There is a need to provide securities to women,
There is a need to educate people, tell them what is right what is wrong,
There is a need for a strong and foolproof legal structure against horrifying crimes like Rape, Child sexual abuse, manhandling of women, Honor killing, Forced marriages and other such crimes.

These crimes are very serious offences in Islam as well. I wonder why no one talks about these things openly?

Sunday, June 11, 2006

I love the green of the grass.

Life is at standstill. Not a leaf around me is moving, I hear no sound, there is so much silence around me that it's almost killing me. There is not a single soul to ear my voice or to see the tears deep inside me, but there is this ocean, the sea by my city who listens every word I say and it takes all my sorrow to its depths and turns all my tears into it's waves and in return it gives me back a beautiful music in the form of the sound of waves crashing in to the rocks and it gives me loving hugs of cold breeze and makes me feel so light, so loved.

My heart is heavy, I want to visit you my Sea, I want walk by you alone, so we can talk for solitary hours. Ill shed these tears on your shoulder because at home, the grass I dwell on, can't take the salt of my tears, I know it will wither to brown, and I love the green of the grass.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Messy life 'n' every thing .

Messy life 'n' every thing.

Yesterday my car gave up on me, it turned out that we had installed in some fake Japanese plugs.

I have been home, and days have become long, there was just one exhibition a few days back at V.M Art gallery and that's it.

Sometimes I think that may be if I would have had a sibling or a close friend or a cousin to talk to, things would have been better.. But then I would not have been able to value relations, humans or friendships. Maybe then I would have been just another guy, I wouldn't have been Me then.

I have cleaned all the mess in my room today, It's clean but it looks a little empty. For no reason I have stored away my woodstalk and Peanuts characters in a small box marked "The Cute box: Contains oll ma Lowly stuff ", I have rearranged all my books and it turned out that I need to fix a few extra shelves to accommodated them all decently, I also learned that I will need a display for my collectable items (Coins, Currency , about 500 Stamps, worldWar II newspapers, platters and junk) and also I realized that I have a Big box full of items bought from the flee market and I don’t have a clue what to do with it.

Ooh! What a mess my life is, although I am the one who has collected most of it but, what ever.