Thursday, February 23, 2006

Most Annoying !

A list of the most annoying things, I encountered in the past few days

1. The Stupid Sweeper of the #2 Hospital ( he was deaf )
2. The slim and flirt nurse who was hitting on me
3. The fat and flirt nurse who called me Chunda.
4. The X-ray technician who was trying to pass him self as "The ward boy" to jab the pain Keller injection.
5. The crazy canteen person who prepared the worst tea on earth, and served Chewy fried bread in the breakfast .
6. The Broken fan speed regulator
7. The busted lift of the hospital # 1
8. The hospital # 2 pharmacy ( It looked like a messy store room )

Special Thanks !

Special Thanks To :

· My cousin Dr.Moin for arraigning a good surgeon
· Again My Cousin Dr.Moin for being the Anesthetist for my father :)
· Dr. Akhtar Khan Raja For successfully and skillfully performing the Operation on my father.
· To the surgeon(Dr. Akhtar Khan Raja) for his convincing and pleasing attitude
· My Cousin Ali Bhi For being there for us the whole time without taking a nap for 48 hours.
· Zafar Bhi for getting the Room ready at home for my father to be shifted in
· Fari Baji and Raeesa Baji for the delicious food :)
· Abdul Jabaar uncle and Farida auntie for there Great help and support :)
· My Khala for being there and praying.
· also all My cousins our Neighbors and friends
· The Taxi Driver who Brought my father home
· And everyone else for praying, visiting and calling.

Thank You All for your support :)

The #$%^$#% Motorcyclist !

Two days back at 2 PM my father was hit by a speeding motorcycle, the accident fractured his left Femur and he was brought home by a taxi driver. We took him to a hospital where he was X-rayed and diagnosed later he was transfused to another hospital where at about midnight he was successfully operated, he was discharged about 15 hours later and now he is on his way to recovery. Doctors have told him not walk for at least 3 weeks.

Motorcyclists in Karachi have become very threatening, They injure, and in some cases kill people, They Rob people off their cash and mobile, they show off dangerously overtaking and squeezing their way through small spaces between speeding cars and huge busses. They carry a their children and wife and sometimes they over load the small bike with more then 5 children and a lady all dangling from and holding on dangerously to the rider and the bike.
Why does the authorities allow this circus to continue it’s threatening and dangerous show on the roads of Karachi? I hope the Motorcyclists realize their responsibility and also I home that the authorities take strict actions against those who break the law… Yeah! I know I am hoping for a miracle, But all I can do is hope and pray.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Khalish !

An empty space has always been there in my life, I was a fool when I was young, I thought someday the sun will rise and it will make my wish come true, I waited for my father and when ever he was late I hoped he would bring that someone I wished so much for. As I grew up I started seeing that very someone in every good looking face, I never allowed my parents to know what I was thinking, I never gave them the slightest hint and controlled my expressions forbidding them to be visible on my face or in my attitude, people often took advantage of this but then I know how much of an advantage to give them.

Today I know the thing I hoped for is not that simple, people are never what they seem, No one can be trusted, Friends need money and good people don’t exist. After being Burnt, Stabbed, Kicked, Robbed and humiliated in all the ways possible I realize that there will never be that some one who I could call my sibling.

But sometimes I still hope ...

Protest or violence ?

The offensive caricatures have violated the religious believes of all the Muslims around the world. It is time for the Muslims of the whole world to protest and prove the world that Islam is a peace loving religion, the need is not to show anger or hatred but to protest the violation and humiliation of our religious believes. Pakistan has Joint the protest against the caricatures a little late, but the kind of show the people of Pakistan have put up can not be termed as protest, it is violence. This violence is casting a negative picture of Pakistan, proving it's people violent and extremists. They are destroying theirs own country and hurting their own people (the fellow Muslims). I hope the government take stern steps to stop this Violence and the Muslim Ummah guide people and show them a more effective and civilized way of protesting their rights, I also hope Denmark feel the responsibility of the un rest and wave of anger and distress caused by their news paper's offensive caricature and realize the difference between Freedom of press and freedom to offend.

Monday, February 13, 2006

I recommend !

Book: "Taboo" a research by Dr. Fauzia's Published by Oxford University Press.

Bride Search !

My first protest against the social system started when My auntie was searching for a bride for my cousin ( US returned Doctor ), I was about 12 years old at that time and this was the third house my auntie had visited with us that day , These people belonged to a lower middle class family, they were poor their house had very simple and modest furniture. The father of the (To be) bride gave us all a warm welcome and treated us like Lords, We were served Coke and a lavish brunch which I know was very hard for these people to afford. We were about ten people who were visiting their house for the first time to inspect the girl, previously my auntie and uncle had visited them alone and had indicated some interest.

As we started stuffing our selves with the Kabab, Samosa, haleem, Coke and many other edibles My uncle asked the Father of the bride what he was planning to give to his daughter on her weeding in response the father of the bride humbly told my uncle that he will give his daughter everything he could afford, On this my uncles response was both shocking and disgrace full, my uncle said " won't you give your daughter a new car ?" The father of the bride was a gentle man he replied in a very soft tone that he could not afford it.

This conversation made me feel like I was stuck in the most awkward position, the Embracement I faced that day was worst then any punishment I ever had faced in school,

but the brute does not end here The Girl was brought in front of us she was a nice person she served my Uncle tea and went to the other room where all the ladies were after some time we left their house On our way back these were the comments passed about the girl by some of the people who were with us

1. Her completion is too dark
2. She is a little short
3. Her teeth look Odd
4. They are very poor so they must not have taught her good manners. ( because there was a bit of tea in one saucer )
5. She will not be suit a well educated Doctor because her looks are not that good
6. Her cloths were too ordinary
7. She was Flat ( yes that is exactly what they said )

That is all I could remember.

These people were told " We are not Interested " the next time they called my auntie

For my and my mom protest I told mom that I will not accompany her if she will decide to go on any other such trip and my mom told her sister that she will not accompany her on a bride hunt ever again.

This event forced my mom to write an article which got printed in a local magazine, On the other hand it made me realize what it is like for a girl to be rejected. Since then I discussed many such Problems with my mother I often used to ask her questions like " Why widows cant get married or earn a living for them selves." . "Why working women are looked upon as bad women" Ect, also a year (or so) a teacher of mine told us how we always rifer to humans by the word He or MEN or Man kind in English literature , since then I started to write human beings instead of " men kind " and was once scolded by my English teacher I remember he once told me " I do not need philosophy from you, I want plain English !" .

Today Time has given my views a new Dimension and I ask people what they mean when they say the word bad women, I ask why we always judge a women's character the moment we see her, even if she is not related to us we still say " She looks like a Bad women ( Do number lagti hai )", Allah has blessed me with a vision and I am thankful of him for that, I try to argue and make people realize where they are wrong and I try to correct my own self when I feel that I have my self made a mistake.

I am not a writer I cant even read correctly but feel things most people don’t, I see things most people don’t may be it is because I had spent a lot of time alone, almost the whole of my childhood. And I am thankful To Allah for this blessing.

P.S. I wrote the whole topic in a haste so it might have some errors please ignore them or you may also point them out to me (will make my work more easy) ;).