Friday, November 24, 2006

Sadly the most depressing post ever.

I was cleaning my room today, and I found some of the newspaper clippings I had collected some time ago when I was thinking of joining an NGO, It was end 2004 and beginning of 2005.

Warning !! The news Chippings are highly depressing :

Dec 23, 2004, Daily Times Pakistan, Article by Shahzad Raza:

Clerics involved in 1% Child abuses, Statistics revealed that 1218 children were sexually abused during Jan 2004 To Sept 2004.
Majority of cases went unreported,

93 girls and 59 boys sexually abused were up to the age of 10.

434 cases of sexual abuse occurred at acquaintances' places and 179 at the victim's home.

24 Dec. 2004 - Dawn -

Gujranwala: Rapists Kill victim on way to court:
A 22 year old College girl who was gang raped lost her life.

2nd Dec - 2004 - Dawn -

Mithi : Minor Girl Assaulted

According to FIR: 10 year old 'S' daughter of 'R' was grazing goats when a man form a nearby village assaulted her. Her younger brother ran to his house and informed their relatives. The victim was later found un conscious with blood stains on her cloths.

The doctor who examined the victim told that the was not raped but an attempt was made.

22 Sept 2005 - Dawn -

A girl 'S' was reportedly rapped by the husband of the school owner, the school to which she had gone to study, in illahabad village.

Human rights Commision's Appeal : 17 May 2004 .

Date of incident 6 April 2004,
Place of incident : Shans-Ul Haq's Dairy farm, Rahwali, Punjab,
Victim : Two and a half Year old daughter of Mr. Munir Masih

The case was reported on the day of crime at the cant Police station, Gujranwala, Punjab.

20 Dec 2004 - Pak tribune

4.5 % Children daily sexually abused in Pakistan,

13 Jan 2005 - DAWN -

Karachi : a 9 year old was raped and killed by three men in shanty town, Orangi, Karachi.

Police arrested 2 of the criminals while one managed to escape

The girl had gone to a tandoor to buy Bread (Nan), when she did not return home her father went to the tandoor where he found the cloth she had taken with her, .. Her father when removed a pile of burning wood discovered a partially charred body of the 9 year old.

31 Oct 2004 - Dawn -

Toba Tek Singh : Six year old girl raped.

25 Dec 2004 - DAWN

Muzaffarabad : a 17 year old gang rape victim, sets her self ablaze and dies .

14 November 2004 - Karachi - 1 Shawwal

Two sisters were home alone while their family members were gone for Eid shopping on Chand Raat..

Shazia 22 and Irum 30, were raped and strangulated in their house by the robbers.


am crying right now, and I have cried every single time I have read these clippings.

I Begged an Islamabad based NGO to send me public awareness posters in soft copy so that I could help elevate awareness level among parents for prevention of Child sexual abuse..
They never responded back .

There are hundreds of NGOs working for women's right here. . None are willing to provide physiological support to rape victims, so that they can deal with the rape aftermath

The corrupt Mullahs, NGOs and politicians, MAY all burn in hell for eternity, for their sins…

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

As Messy As It Gets !

I have been lazy, or may be I am too caught up with my own self.. I know I have not written here since long .. :(.. I have written many pages but they are just sitting in my One Note and now I just don’t feel like uploading them :( ..

I want to have an experience with film making but I don’t know how and what to say to saqib.. I cant just pop up in his mail and tell him that I don’t know a thing about film making and I want to help you,,, yeah that would be silly.. Will figure out a way to talk to him

I had been enjoying the Egg Plant and yogurt sauce my mom makes with rice for three days and it all finished now … I want more of it will beg tomorrow :P

Ok what else is new ? ! ? ! ? !

Same old me, nothing much that has changed… I wanted to go to this art exhibition but thanks to the Diversions, Traffic jams and VVIP movements I changed all my plans :( .. Not going to Mohata palace, Arts council, or Chokhundi .. EEERRRRrrrr I am bored to Death and I want to go out. .. Yeah I know some one offered to let me in at Expo to see all the weapons but I don’t want to feel even more depressed :(.. Not interested in watching bullets and guns.. Yeah if you want to show me pigeons you are most welcome :) …

Ooh !! Pigeons Always remind me of Jamil Naqsh ….

AAAhhhh YESSS !! I cleaned My Office :) .. It’s now a casual Office :) with no dust, plenty of space to sit and chat, I even fixed speakers in my Office PC :D .. I am so Happy.

It's 2 am, I am hungry, yeah I Magic corn would have been an option available I would have gone for it but I have Hobnob's carrot cake and brownies :) .. Will have them both a bit with milk in a while

Ooh God this post is as mess as my room, I know I am hopping from topic to topic endlessly and I can do it for another hour till My hours will get all used_up and I will drop dead, to be found in the morning sleeping over my keyboard. So I spare you the boredom .. *Blink* *Blink*

Bye Bye, and I will haunt you again with my Blog, very soon it's a promise

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

More about my Cat :)

My cad played the whole day and night last night he chassed me around pounced on my shoulders, even scratched my arm, he broke a cheep porcelain pot and dropped a paper weight, he even walked over the cupboards and tried to pay our freezer a visit, but we don’t let cats in there.

Our neighbors house just behind hour house is spooky, They are weird people, more weird then myself. They sleep all day they watch Star plus all night. They are just husband and wife, they never clean their house and there house serve as a breading ground for lizards, Lizards which often end up in our loo.
I obviously hate the idea of being confined in a cubical with a frantically running, Once a lizard had fallen on my head, Once it felt in front of my and I , with a reflex action Swashed it with my hand and it went flying across the backyard and landed in front of my auntie, who in return screamed, and the lizard fainted.
So my cat has been after these lizards and in the past 10 days he has managed to take down at least 6 of them, I don’t think there are any left, and thanks to my cat our loo can be used in peace now.

Monday, November 13, 2006


Sometimes I ask silly questions like where I can get magic corn at the oddest hour? and when there is no one to answer I feel that deafening silence around me, the silence which has been with me since long.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Crazy, creepy, weird me !

The boredom and lazyness has been keeping me at snail's pace. I have done almost nothing lately, I am sad.

Practicing art and learning while being out of the institution is the toughest job in the world, there are so many aspects, dimensions forms shapes of art that covering every one of them, even only briefly is near to imposable. Yeah Rabia appa Asked me several times to join KSA, I every time I said no, I am a stubborn person and may be stupid too.

Had the best time at Nandos last night . It was something I needed since long, I needed some time to ease my mind, to enjoy and relax, I had been waiting for a blackfish performance since EID but this was far more fun :). But I don’t know why Nandos People wanted to freeze us to death, I was shivering and so was everyone else, was like eating dinner in a refrigerator, I wonder if they are planning to spray snow on us the next time we visit them :P.

I have to work on Tahir Bhi's website, and there is that sports magazine webpage and that group of artists who want me to submit my CV and a few pics. Ooh so much to do. I moved the Iron Cupboard, with the help from the Ac Wala people upstairs, I am all covered in dust and I look like a monster. Have to eat something, will fix a home tuna sub for my self, will gobble it with some ice tea and will take mom to Khala.

Searched all my closets and found nothing in spare last night, will ask my cousins. They usually never cooperate when we need help which is somewhat good for me, makes me more tough and strengthen my faith in my thoughts and views even more.

I am a practical feminist which makes me even more weird then I am. I don’t leave my seat for ladies but do for old people, I don’t believe in "Ladies first". I tell them to standup for them selves and they give me a creepy look. I see in that their eyes, they think I have lost my mind, hehe :D I am a crazy creepy person :P …

Just realized, I wrote more for KMB then I ever did for my self : .. I am obsessed with Karachi.