Thursday, March 30, 2006

Me, My Cat and The Lizard !

3 am in the morning, I am laying on my bed reading The Bride (Bapsi Sidhwa), and enjoying every Bit of her composition skills, when my cat suddenly pounces on the lamp which was placed strategically between my and my mom's bed to Illuminate my book only resulting in a shifted light angle which now Illuminates my mom and the cat on her side with a lizard in his mouth.
As soon as I saw this I stood up quickly and shouted on top of my voice " Mom! Get up!! The Cat's Got a lizard in his Mouth…." and almost suddenly she flung away the blanket and got off the bed, By this time the cat had already jumped on the carpet was headed towards the kitchen, so we followed him quickly and blocked his way. I got hold of a small cane and mom held a Broom ( Gharoo). Realizing that he had no chance to enter the Kitchen he raced upstairs to my little "study cum studio" Room and we chased after him. Upon reaching the Study/studio Room we found out that the cat had lost the Grip on the lizard and the half dead thing crawled under my Corner Drawers set. while the cat was Struggling to Grip his pry back, I tilted the Drawers and settled it down side ways, Now I was in side this tiny Room, my Mom just standing Outside the door beside which is this drawer, As soon as I Exposed the underside of the Drawer My cat once again got hold of his pry. Only this time for some strange reason he headed towards me with an almost dead Lizard in his Mouth. I hate Lizards specially when they are half dead and stuck in a cat's Jaw .. So I had no place to run now, seeing my cat approaching me I climbed up on the side table. And said " Shooo !! Shooo.. Get away from me, That’s not my food, eat it or Drop it " .. At that point I think he totally Understood me and agreed to cooperate By racing away and down stares. Where we quickly followed him and let him out in the garden. In the Middle of the Grass he once again let go of his almost dead pry and I quickly covered with a broom ( Gharoo ).. Mom Gripped the cat while I killed the already half dead Lizard and Tossed in the garbage can Out side ( yeah there are no Garbage cans outside, in Karachi and yeah! I Just tossed it Outside and I know it did not land on anyone's head, It just went to our Mini green area right out side).. But the drama does not end here, we Brought the car in and after having a 4am Snack got ready to go to bed again. As I was about to Climb my bed I felt something wet and soft between my feet and the mat, mom turned on the Light and there it was .. I had Squashed a Lizard EGG and the other one was also just there :( .. I washed my feet .. Left the mat out so that it could be washed later, and after an other 4:30 am Quick Snack of a Mars Bar . We finally went to sleep at 5:00 am ..
In the morning at about 9:00 after breakfast we started investigating how the lizard got in our house Only to find that the Screening net of one of the windows to the garden side was damaged.
This Lizard was the one in our garden who used to live by the parrots. So The Lizard is gone, The breach in the Screening is filled and the security is foolproof again .. No Lizards in the house and one outside will remain there for good all thanks to one Brave Cat.. :)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

With friends like this !?

Life sucks , sometimes yeah it does..

Someone I knew really came close to me, he was taking admission in NED University to be an architect and as he knew nothing about Art he Started talking help from me, he visited me on daily basis, and I did most of his visual art Assignments, actually all of his visual Arts assignments, His sketching is Horrible, he cant even draw a butterfly, he does not know the difference between 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional. .. So I was helping him out giving him a couple of hours or more daily, But when my father got hurt and most of my time got consumed in helping him out and looking after some of the household work, I had very little time to spent with him, and he instead of helping me out insisted that I write for him, or Complete his home work. And when I told him that I did not get time to have my lunch the whole day and it's already time for my Dinner he argued that that a 4 minute speech will take hardly any time I could squeeze out at least some time for his homework.. The other day he asked me to join him to get some Cartage papers from the art shop, I also had to get my father's medicine so I went out with him, he first went to his apartment and went to the watchman and asked him if he had a Change for a thousand Ruppie when he refused he asked him to again lend him 50 Ruppies (he had taken Rs.50 from the watchman about a month back and had just paid him back). He told him that he will return it when he will be back from the shopping. With this 50 Ruppie note stuffed in his pocket took the driving seat of his car and I accompanied him, we went to this art shop and bought papers and I went to the medical store nearby and bought the medicine I needed, then as usual he asked me if I wanted to have something to eat, well I was feeling a bit hungry so instead of my usual " No " I replied with a "yes lets go to subway" which was very near to this art shop.. I felt that he was a bit surprised at my answer I asked him if it's a problem for him we can skip it or share as I had about 100 left with me after buying the medicine. But he said " No , It’s ok " and I was comfortable with it as I knew he had that Thousand with him .. So we entered the subway where he settled down, he picked up the menu and gave it a good look then he asked how much I had .. I told him I had 100, then he made a phone call to one of his friends and called them at subway, with his replies I noticed that they refused him so he suddenly stood up and asked me follow him, as I came out, he told me that he had no money, which came as a surprise to me I knew he had just paid the watchman 50 Ruppies which he had taken from the poor man a few months back and took them back with such devilish skills .. Wow he was good at it ;)

Any how the next day he again knocked my door and asked me if I had written his 4 minutes Speech, and when I told him I did not get time he was really mad at me.
He said " Now what do u think I will do ? I have to make this speech at the University tomorrow"
I replied " I never took the responsibility of writing any thing for you, I have been telling you how I am hardly getting any time to do my own work "
he said " So you could not even spare 4 minutes for me"
I said "It's not just 4 minutes, and cant you even do your Own home work "
he said " OK, at least give me an advice on the Sofas I Sketched"

When he spread the sheet he had drawn on, it looked as miserable as it could and I told him so. So he replied " would you Sketch this for me because I have to submit it tomorrow"
I replied back " Hey! Don’t you get it, I don’t have time to eat or do my own work and you are asking me to do a 3 hour Job for you ? If I had time I would have been spending it to do my work !!! "

" Ok, Then I will do it " he relied with a bad mood and left.

It had been 3 days now and there is no sign of him, and I am not also calling, Cuz I need friends not masters to slave me, But why does this always happen to me ?

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Rhythm Of Life !

A friend of mine ( I have recently meat her ) lost her boy friend a few months back, they were really in love, at least she was really in love with this guy and when he passed away, he left her completely Shattered from inside, She is so shattered that her mind is constantly keeping her confused and sad and questions like " Why did God got them together when he had to take him away from her so soon" and "why some people leave so soon " are haunting her on daily basis. I have been trying to make her step out of her shock, she feel's better one day and the next day she says the same thing again. I have told her to see a Physiologist, I hope she does.

My Khala lost her young Daughter, My other cousins lost both their parents in a time span of 10 years, This Girl lost her love, People Die and they leave a gap behind, and we assume it will never be filled but every thing is working in complete harmony, The rhythm of life never stops, It goes one, and the gap is not actually a gap, it's just a part of this rhythm and so are we.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Defining Silence

Sometimes the silence around me is so defining and hurts me so badly that I wish I could cry, But tears will mean that I am to show my pain to others and that is one thing I don’t want to do, Ever. Because I don’t wanna hurt my parents and friends wont care much about my pain but will be happy as they will certainly know how to use me for their own wants and needs.

I hate friends who are selfish, and there is no other Kind out there or around me that I know of.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Nerve wracking Kids !

Things have been really tough on me for the past few days. After My father's accident I spent 2 days at the Hospital, where I encountered huge Mosquitoes and flirt nurses. At the end of the second day when my Father came home I slept peacefully. It's been almost 14 days now and my father is recovering. From the time he has been shifted to home he is busy dealing with his injuries and I am busy taking care of the Naughty children who come with the visitors to see my father but instead they run all around the house messing with things and opening doors to the places we least expect them to be. It’s been a nerve wreaking experience for me, they have wrecked my cookie jar, they almost walked on me in the bathroom, they have managed to scare my Innocent cat, they have Bathed with the hose in our garden and have run wet all over the carpet, they have spilt kerosene and thinner, and have Squeezed out paint from my oil paint tubes. Today I have packed away every important thing there was in my office (the one in my house), My drawers are firmly locked and the next time a visitor will enter our house with Kids, I will make sure that the kids remain confined to that Office. I even have the Toys there to keep them Busy… .. I hope they don’t wreak the vanishing blinds now :| ..