Friday, December 22, 2006

I feel like crap.

All this nothingness is killing me, I am bored to death, I need to get out of this shell, I need to explore my self. And no I did not call Sabahat, to get me fixed with a director, and I never will.…. and yes I want to make a documentary but I need something more then a handy cam and I need a good sound recording system not the one which comes built in with the little handy cam… and I desperately need a DSLR and no I am not going to do back breaking web designing work just to sell a web site for 500 only…..

Ooh God I am so twisted ……, I need to get out, I need to do something, sitting at home all day and being able to do nothing is killing me bit by bit, like I am being slow poisoned, the shyness and loneliness in mounting, the drugs which were supposed to make my cold go away are making me miserable, my head is aching like hell and I need to get my self up and started…. Damn My life is Crap..

Somebody please push me off a cliff or drop me down from a multi story building, or can anyone just jump start me ? ……. Ooh !!! I sound so pathetic … :( *sob*.


Anonymous said...

Don't say those things. Everyone feels like that once in a while. I'm bored with staying at home all the time, too, but I don't want anyone to push me off a cliff ^.^

Dylan said...

I feel the same way right now. I actually googled "I feel like crap" just to commiserate a little. I feel awful just because I can't get my sleep schedule on track. I like staying up late to read quietly, but I hate the way I feel in the morning. My health is deteriorating as I type just because I never exercise and my stomach is so weak. I feel so horrible and it's all stuff I could fix if I had the self-discipline but I just can't seem to manage it. Sometimes I wonder if natural selection is still in effect and is trying to weed me out something fierce.

fiza said...

i can totally relate to this.. once in life, or maybe way more than once, we all feel that way..imagine that also coming from a teenager lol.. so heres the cure : connect with Allah more often :) no m not trying to just sound wise :p it really worked with me and as for ur shyness get over it! u have an awesome blog! i know people wid really sucky blogs who post their links as if its the best thing ever :p