Friday, December 08, 2006

A Dozen Useless Things I bought Today.

I bought a dozen of useless things today. Here's the list,

1. A baby rattle for which I don’t know where to find a baby,

2. A USB vacuum cleaner, which just makes a lot of noise and works not a bit

3. A Pack of incense sticks which are making my allergy even worst,

4. A set of bowl mugs which can hold around 800 ml of coffee for me,

5. Four packs of post it notes while I already have 4 new packs,

6. A pack of pencils and I already have new pack

7. Telephone index and yes I already have a large one, a pocket size and an extra digital.

8. A pack of ribbon, this one was actually to play with my cat but the ribbon is giving off paint so I don’t know what to do with it

9. Two 2007 calendars, yeah it not new year yet and I will surely get least about five complimentary calendar before the new year will even start, but yet I had to buy them.

10. A big red wrench and I already have two in my tool box.

11. A strobe light for my car but I hate it and will never really use it (They look so cheep :( ).

12. A litter of ice cream, I wont but my uncle will sure eat this one :)

Yeah I am not yet off the drugs, The antihistamine makes me dizzy, it makes my life miserable, I cant even think straight…. I hope this explains the crazy shopping list above.

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Karachiite said...

I was checking the times fotografer's pics on flickr, and I found out that you have a flickr account too. nice pics.. do u mind tellin' which camera u r using?? is it digital or do u use the reg. one and scan the pics????