Wednesday, October 05, 2016

I have no right ...

Is it really a need for people to share their hurt and joys ? is it really necessary to tell someone when you hit your toe on a rock and start to bleed ? do you really need to say "OUCH" out loud and get everyone worried around you ? its like been an attention seeker but sometimes you see a well and you want to shout in it to hear your own voice echo back , but if the well is not dead enough, you end up with a silence in return of your cried and its walls start to cave in, the fishes in the water down billow get scared, they absorb all your pain and smell your fear, they get scared and try to go deeper under under the water.

It is really better no to scream too loud specially when you know your voice is too loud and painful, bet when it remains within it bounces off your own walls, echos in your own brain, the silence starts to shatter you from the inside. but in the end its your own pain your own hurt and you cant just hurt others with your ugly horrid shrikes. i don't think one has a right to do that . yes it takes some courage to absorb all that pain and noise, but i have been doing it since ages, and ages. yes i have been doing that since shortly after i was born than why to give up this habit, why to make others life miserable others who just extended a helping hand and i was soon crying loud enough to shatter their ear drums , and i expect them not to even plug their ears shut to listen to each and every note which jolts not only their ears but also their hearts and brains .

No i actually i don't have, or i should say i shouldn't make it painful for others who care for me, I have no right to repay them with pain, i dont have a right to expect them to heal me, i have no right to cause others pain for my hurts ..

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